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Your trust in us is priceless. That is why we appreciate honesty and transparency.



Continuous innovation is our credo. We are constantly developing in order to provide you with optimal comfort

Major global liquidity providers and quote suppliers

  • 9 major currencies
  • Total more than 25 tools
  • Personal Account Manager
  • 3 insured trades
  • Micro-Lot Trading
  • 2 types of assets,more than 50 instruments
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Micro-Lot Trading
  • Company lending
  • 4 insured trades
  • 3 types of assets, more than 200 instruments
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Company lending
  • Micro-Lot Trading
  • 5 insured trades
  • Account insurance
  • 4 types of assets,
    250+ tools
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Company lending
  • 10 Insured Trades
  • 50% Bonus
  • Mentor Training Program
  • + group of signals for contracts
  • Account insurance"
  • 4 types of assets,
    300+ instruments
  • Personal Account Manager
  • 15 Insured Trades
  • Company lending
  • 70% Bonus
  • Access to company reserve fund
  • Group of signals forinsured contracts
  • Personal analyst
  • Account insurance

Planet Invest Limited strives to provide a safe and trust trading environment

10,000+ traders in 15 countries.

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